Shedding Some Light on Home Decor

The lighting in our homes is something most of us don’t think about every day – until we don’t have it, that is. The next time there’s a power outage you’ll be reminded of how important the lights are. A basic element in any home or workplace, lighting affects every aspect of modern life. Whether functional or aesthetic or somewhere in between, light enhances our lives to the point where we’d find it almost impossible to live without.

Home lighting can be broken down into three major categories:

~General Lighting  illuminates a large space to facilitate day-to-day living. It can also enhance a home’s overall character:

140 Portovista Drive, Portuguese Cove

Here, track lighting illuminates the entire space, with a modern flourish:

2395 Creighton Street, Halifax

Paper Lanterns offer an affordable, fun way to fill a child’s bedroom with light:

57-59 Dufferin Street, Lunenburg

They’re popular with students too!

5574 Falkland Street, Halifax

At 192 Basinview Drive, a well-lit staircase provides safety and elegance:

192 Basinview Drive, Bedford

Exterior lighting is important too, for safety and security:

2117 Maynard Street, Halifax

Here, interior and exterior lighting combine to present a dramatic night-time vista – a beacon for friends and family!

85 Spruce Point Road, East River Point

~Task Lighting fulfills a specific purpose – to brighten up work spaces such as desks, offices, vanities, kitchens and workshops. Check out the lighting in this home office:

42 Falkland Street, Lunenburg

We LOVE this well-lit kitchen:43-madeline-09-we-loves-a-well-lit-kitchen43 Madeline Avenue, Lower Sackville

This light/pot rack combo is a clever way to add lighting in keeping with the home’s character:

121 Edgewater Street, Mahone Bay

In this Hubbards home, lighting illuminates a mirror for close work such as applying makeup or shaving, while beautifully accenting the space.

273 Dauphinee Drive, Hubbards

A well-lit walk-in closet makes choosing your wardrobe a snap!

35 Albion Road, Halifax

~Accent Lighting does just that – it accents features or aspects of a room to their best effect.

Strategically-placed accent lighting draws attention to this fantastic kitchen island:

17 Endeavour Avenue, East River Point

A modern-day twist on a chandelier livens up dining room decor:

140 Portovista Drive, Portuguese Cove

This central light accents the room’s symmetry:

7285 Highway 329, East River Point

A neon light attracts attention in a retro-funky kind of way:

43 Queen Street, Chester

Of course, candles are a lovely way to enhance ambiance. How about a candle lit dinner?

5817 West Street, Halifax

Or a relaxing soak in the tub at the end of a long day?

21 Randolph Street, Halifax


To light our way or brighten our day, lighting plays an integral factor in our lives by enhancing the use and enjoyment of our homes. Take a look around your place and notice the ways that lighting affects each space. Maybe you’ve picked up some ideas from the homes showcased here. We hope we’ve enlightened you!

*Opening image: 273 Nadia Drive, Dartmouth.

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